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Community Development Services Agency (COMDESA) is a department headed by the Programmes Manager, who works directly with local partners (government department, agencies and civil society organisations) to deliver project activities.The partnership approach ensures that all our interventions complement local efforts at relieving poverty and unemployment and fit into the local top priority development goals of the localarea.The Agency is responsible for capacity development and providing innovative services that empower communities adapt to climate/environmental change and enable them to initiate action for poverty reduction. In fact, the Agency actsas an “Extension Service” for COMWELF, reaching out and engaging local communities in the development processes.Our services include: start-up support for groups, associations, clubs and micro-enterprises; helping groups mobilise and motivate members; training management committees and trustees; supporting groups to develop constitutions or byelaws; helping groups to prepare policies and procedures; assisting with preparations of business/fundraising plans; guiding groups to open and maintain active bank accounts; and registering groups with District Assemblies and Social Welfare Department.

There is a very high demand for capacity building of local stakeholder groups. We have received several requests from community based organisations (CBOs), farmers based organisations (FBOs) and small NGOs for trainingin business planning; developing fundraising strategies and plans; minute taking and report writing skills; small groups/association management;  developing child abuse and protection policies and procedures; and financial management. Funding is required to develop course modules. We can deliver these capacity building training activities to local stakeholder groups, associations and social enterprises which have multiplied in northern Ghana to assist poor rural communities tackle poverty and deprivation. Building their capacity will ensure they have the ability and skills to influence adaptive change for sustainable development for millions of poor families who live and depend on degraded ecosystems of Ghana. They need our support and your donations to survive under variable climate and changing ecosystems conditions and trends.

In the near future, COMDESA will also manage an innovative employment scheme including placements for Ghanaian and foreign young people and workers to acquire relevant skills to obtain jobs, earn incomes and contribute to poverty alleviation.





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