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We are delighted to welcome your visit to our donation page. We encourage you to become involved in our developmental efforts. We have made a great contribution to poverty reduction and assisted communities to improve ecosystems functions and services. With your help all these amazing things are happening, and without your help they won’t. Our supporters are the big reason that our work is receiving local, national and international recognition. Become a Supporter, Donor or Volunteer. Our local stakeholders welcome our supporters with music and dancing (as in the picture) as a sign of the Ghanaian hospitality and show of appreciation for your gift.

There are many reasons why COMWLEF should be the preferred recipient of your money, property or time.  Millions of Ghanaian families depend on ecosystem services for livelihoods and economic development, but these ecosystems have become degraded and need to be restored before they can support people’s lives.  That is what some of your donation will achieve, ecosystems restoration for improved livelihoods.  Furthermore, as a donor, funder, or philanthropist, you want to put your money where it will make the greatest impact. That’s why we encourage you to donate to COMWLEF. With £5,000 funding per year for 3 years, we have been able to reduce poverty by 60% in rural communities, empowered communities for adaptive management of 5,000 ha of woodlands and reduced wildfires by 90%. As a result, we received Ghana National Community Forestry Award and our director won a Ford Foundation PhD Fellowship for studies on Environmental Science & Policy in UK. Your money will support a worthy course and you can be part of the recognition we receive nationally and internationally. We have highly skills staff with expertise and commitment to deliver the range of projects to achieve our objectives and need your partnership to obtain all the resources required.

Moreover, anyone who donates to COMWELF has the assurance that 90% of their money goes directly to support the poorest of the poor, who are struggling to etch a living from severely degraded landscapes. COMWELF uses only 10% of your money for sending your donation to the deprived communities, monitoring project activities, and reporting to you so that you know the impact of your kind donation. We can afford to do this because we are a locally-based community foundation, unlike our overseas counterparts who may spend only 15% of your money on the community projects, while the rest is used to run their overseas offices, chief executive salaries, international airfares, and pay huge hotel bills. COMWELF does not need to incur these expenses to monitor and report on project performance and the impact of your money as we live with, interact and work with local communities, through partnerships with development agents in the locality. Finally, we encourage all supporters to visit us, if possible, during the project cycle of their funding. We want to welcome our supporters with unparallel display of rich culture and traditions, so that you leave our communities with lasting memories of your visit. We can take pride in our relationship with our supports. Welcome to northern Ghana!


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