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Governance and Human Rights

This is a new demand-driven programme which has emerged as a result of participatory needs assessment conducted during the last six months in the Kintampo Programme Area. COMWELF supports local actions to increase local participation in decision making, while advocating for the protection of fundamental human rights of vulnerable people. The goal is to provide a local platform for discussion on the rights of citizens and vulnerable people as enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, and outlined by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Currently, no organisation builds local capacity to understand the issues of rights protection in the project area. Another major problem in the programme area is the manner in which people, especially young persons, are desperate to travel abroad, thereby exposing themselves to the risks of human traffickers.COMWELF is working to sensitise people to prepare themselves, work hard and take advantage of travelling as the Director (wearing traditional dress in the picture with colleagues in Umea, Sweden) and other staff do when the opportunities comes their way.

The specific objectives include:(1) Supporting Municipal Assembly to establish platform for regular discussion on the rights of vulnerable people.  (2) Advocacy for increased representation of vulnerable people in local governance (politics, policy) and management of natural resources.  (3) Building capacity of decentralised departments, agencies and private and civil society sectors to adopt policies for the protection of vulnerable adults and children. (4) Advocacy for transparency and accountability in delivering social services by adopting and implementing equal opportunity policies on employment, commissioning and contracts, distribution of development projects, and granting of incentives, awards and special recognition to deserving residents and citizens of the area.
(5) Strengthening the capacity of local stakeholders to mediate and resolve conflicts and promote peace.  (6) Provide dedicated centre for victims of conflicts and abuse to receive advice and support (including legal representation) to improve their wellbeing.  (7) Strengthening the capacity of local stakeholders to identify and prevent  human trafficking in all its forms.  Kintampo as the main stopover for road transport from Ghana to other West African States and tourist attraction (See picture insert), so it is a transit for trafficking in persons. (8) Support policies to eradicate human trafficking by conducting research to demonstrate links between employment, migration and human trafficking.

COMWELF, working through KinMAWDA and local partners such as the Police and Immigration Services, Port Health Authority and dedicated local volunteers is establishing “Kintampo Immigration Advisory and Human Rights Centre (KIAHRC)” to support victims being trafficked.

A renowned Kenyan Lawyer, a former Judge who served as a Senior Resident Magistrate, and is currently the Director of Empower Initiative (Kenyan NGO), is working with the Director of COMWELF to set up the KIAHRC to provide integrated immigration advice and human rights advocacy and counselling services in a one-stop-shop. More information will follow soon. Please visit us again in the coming weeks to read what is new.



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